A Selection of Books


2-Worlds of Written Discourse

Bhatia, Vijay K., Worlds of Written Discourse: A genre-based view, London and New York, Continuum.


Bhatia, Vijay K., Analysing Genre – Language Use in Professional Settings, London, Longman,

Bhatia, Vijay K., An Applied Discourse Analysis of English Legislative Writing, Language Studies Unit, University of Aston in Birmingham, UK.

Bhatia, Vijay K., (In preparation): Critical Genre Analysis, research monograph to be submitted to a major international publisher.


Bhatia, Vijay K, and Stephen Bremner (Eds.) (Feb2014): Handbook of Professional Communication, Routledge.


Bhatia Vijay K., C. N. Candlin, & Maurizio Gotti, (Eds): Arbitration Practice and Discourse: Issues, Challenges and Prospects, Ashgate Publishing Group.

Bhatia, Vijay K., Christoph Hafner, Lindsay Miller & Anne Wagner (Eds.): Transparency, Power and Control: Perspectives on Legal Communication, Ashgate Publishing House.

Berkenkotter, Carol, Bhatia, Vijay K., Gotti Maurizio, (Eds.): Interdiscursive Practices in ESP Writing Contexts, Bern, Peter Lang.

Bhatia, Vijay K., Giuliana Garzone and Chiara Degano: Discourse Analysis of Arbitration Awards, Cambridge, Cambridge Scholars Series.