ESP Communication Services

English for Specific Purpose Communication Services (ESPCS) is incorporated in Hong Kong to provide English for Specific Purposes (ESP) and Professional Communication Services in Hong Kong, China, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, and other Asian countries. We specialise in providing training to senior and middle management professionals from a range of professions, such as Law, Insurance, Maritime, and Accounting. In addition, we also provide professional development training for ESP and professional communication teachers and trainers, who may be interested in either entering the field or further developing their skills in this area.

Although our pre-packaged courses are designed for individuals from various professions, we also provide specifically designed training packages for companies on a consultancy basis to meet typical training requirements of their employees.

We also collaborate with a leading international ESP provider, The Pyramid Group, which is headquartered in Germany and has offices in over 50 countries around the world, including Brazil, Gulf States, Botswana, UK, Italy, France, Norway, Sweden, Spain, New Zealand, Vietnam, and China, providing specialist English Training (ESP – English for Specific Purposes) programmes focusing on legal, medical, technical, HR, oil and gas, insurance, construction and textile sectors (see the Website, for more information)

Together, we have a team of trainers and consultants who are recognized and experienced professionals in their respective disciplinary as well as ESP Communication fields as qualified language trainers, drawn both from local as well as international sources. The customised comprehensive face-to-face training in most countries in Asia is complemented by a range of online options, which allows us to meet specific requirements in the following areas of concern:


  • Teaching of ESP and Professional Communication
  • Methods and Materials development for ESP and Professional Communication
  • Introduction to Teaching English for Legal Purposes


  • English for Legal Communication
  • English for Communication in Shipping and Maritime
  • English for Communication in Insurance Industry
  • English for Communication in Accounting


  • Designing Plain English documents for Insurance and Maritime industries
  • Simplification and Easification of statutory and other professional documents
  • Easification of relevant laws for specific corporations for easier accessibility


  • Document auditing to provide report on the readability and accessibility of documents
  • Document editing suggest improvements based on ‘before’ and ‘after’ auditing

We can work on an hourly rate basis or for a fixed fee, depending on whatever suits individual clients.


Professor Vijay K Bhatia, CEO and Director, ESP Communication Services
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Telephone: +852-97898944