A selection of Projects

UNDP-Government of Singapore project on the Teaching of English in Meeting the Needs of Business and Technology [1984-87]

Strategies and competencies in legal communication, a project with Christopher N Candlin as co-consultant to investigate the communicative needs of legal professionals undertaken on behalf of the Law Society of Hong Kong (1997-1998).

Teaching English to meet the needs of business education in Hong Kong, A SCOLAR Language Fund Project, 1998-2001

Generic integrity in legal discourse in multilingual and multicultural contexts, a CERG project funded by the RGC, Hong Kong (1998-2002), with C. N. Candlin and others in Hong Kong and 12 other international teams.

Analysing Genre-bending in Corporate Disclosure Documents, an RGC funded CERG project (2005-2007)

International Commercial Arbitration Practices: A Discourse Analytical Study, an RGC CERG funding, with Christopher N. Candlin, Rajesh K Sharma, and Christopher To, in addition, more than 30 scholars from 22 different countries collaborated (2007-2010)